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Celebrate Summer with Embroidered Towels, Throws

The weather is starting to heat up, and people are starting to fill up their pools. As summer heads into full swing, everyone is getting ready to beat the heat in the pool or taking a trip to the beach. Make sure you have packed the essentials: Sunscreen, drinks to stay hydrated, snacks for when you’re hungry and your monogrammed beach towel.

You don’t have a monogrammed beach towel? Well, now’s the time to get one. Monogrammed towels are a great way to know which towel is yours, plus it will make your friends jealous. Monogrammed beach towels are much less likely to be stolen than plain, unidentifiable towels. Plus, when your kids go to their friends’ houses, they usually aren’t concerned with bringing back the correct towel – if they remember to even bring home a towel at all. When their friends’ parents do the laundry, they will clearly see your monogram and know who to get it back to.

Embroidered Picnic BlanketHeading to the beach or taking a hike means you also may want to bring a monogrammed blanket to throw out to sit on and soak up the sun or stop for lunch. Get to the beach and claim your spot by covering it with your embroidered beach blanket and head into the water, or create a comfortable resting spot to picnic while you’re on the trail by laying out a blanket between you and the ground.

These personalized items are not typically stolen or mistaken for others, and give you a one-of-a-kind and recognizable item that you can easily identify, even on a crowded beach. They also make a great gift for friends with summertime birthdays or for other warm-weather occasions. Check out our selection of designs or call us today to create a unique and customized look for your blanket or towels this summer!

Custom Embroidery Gifts for Grads

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