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Give a Grad a Great Gift with Team Apparel

We are in the midst of graduation season, and that means that it is time to celebrate the accomplishments of the young graduates in your lives by giving them great advice and great gifts. Sure, getting them a card or picture frame might be a good idea, but how about a flashy item to remind them of where they came from and what they have achieved?

Graduation PresentOf course, we are talking about getting them a piece of fun and fashionable embroidered school apparel from Farmstead Embroidery. Whether your squad is the Fairless Falcons or any other favorite sports team, we’re proud to deliver quality embroidered team apparel made from the most advanced machines and skilled designers, and these items are sure to show all your friends your pride in the Falcons or any other team.

We can embroider almost any piece of apparel for all your graduate, whether it’s a custom uniform, jacket of hat. Small trinkets and baubles are great, but they can easily get misplaced and forgotten about, while a professionally embroidered team jacket, sweatshirt or uniform can last a lifetime.

Farmstead Embroidery has been serving the people of Northeast Ohio and beyond since 1991, and in that time we have perfected the art of embroidery in such a way that our customers never leave disappointed – a fact that goes double for our team apparel. Custom embroidered school apparel is a gift your grad won’t soon forget as they move forward to college, family or career.

In addition to graduation gifts we also specialize in products for all types of celebrations, everything from weddings and births to engagements and anniversary events, and there is no limit to what we can create. These are truly great and unique presents that the recipients will never forget.

Give us a call today at 330-832- 5152 or visit our store in Navarre today and see what we have to offer.

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Get Ready for Halloween

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