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What’s Your Alma Mater?

alma mater

Everyone has pride in their school and they want to show that off when they are out and about. High School and College Graduates seem to show their pride more than anyone else. Maybe it is the fact that they survived the school or maybe it is because they are proud of what they have accomplished. Either way they have spirit and they want to show it!

One of the best gifts you can give a grad is the gift that keeps on giving from their Alma Mater. Nobody has invented a money tree yet so the next best thing is an item that can have multiple purposes. Clothing not only provides coverage for your body but it also can serve as a memento when the days of wearing it is over. Embroidered clothing doesn’t need to be from a team or even a club, it can simply display your school logo and name. It can help you continue to carry your pride with you even after graduation.

Embroidered clothing is not the only thing a graduate could use. They can also use embroidered blankets or pillows. They will be either moving to a dorm after high school or moving to an apartment after college. Either way they will need to start having blankets and pillows to keep them warm when they are living off Ramen noodles.

An embroidered blanket is a keepsake they will want to keep around for years to come. Give your graduate something they want to keep and cherish. They might put on a tough skin and pretend they don’t want to be sentimental, but really they are trying to grow the thick skin they will need when out on their own.

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