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Support Spring and Summer Events in Style

Marathon RacesNow that spring is here and summer is even closer, organized events and parties will be taking place outside more often. With so many people celebrating, you might want to look at custom embroidery as a way to organize your group or to provide fun gifts to people attending a special event. Take a look at just a few great reasons to order embroidered polos and hats from Farmstead Embroidery.

Summer Fundraiser

Summer fundraisers outdoors are such a great idea because being outside allows for so many more activities. Running one can be hectic, though, but having everyone associated with the event wearing either an embroidered polo or hat will let attendees know who can assist them. You can also sell some of the embroidered items at your event to raise more money for your cause.

Outdoor Races

Outdoor races and obstacle courses have become all the rage in the past few years. Many of these events are run in teams, so having embroidered shirts can help your crew get in the team spirit. Hats are a great idea, too, since they can help to block out the summer sun and prevent sunburn. Plus, both shirts and hats would make a nice memento once the race is done.

Family Trip

Many families choose to take their vacations in the summer because of the increase of nice weather all around the country plus summer breaks from classes. Some places can be very busy, though, which could result in you being separated from your loved ones. With embroidered polos or hats, you can help your family stick together or easily identify one another in a crowd. Embroidered clothing is also a great idea for family reunions as well and can be a great reminder of the fun you had while on vacation or at your reunion.

No matter what kind of embroidery you need, Farmstead Embroidery can help with monogramming and custom embroidery to make sure you and your group looks great at any event. To learn more or to get a quote, call us today at 330-832-5152!