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Tips for Cleaning Embroidered Fabric

embroidered clothesYour embroidered pieces are very special. Usually they are personalized so they are an extra special gift! It makes sense that you want to preserve them the best way you can. But, if they are used (such as table napkins) they are going to get soiled and washing them needs to be done with care. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain their beauty.

Always wash embroidered pieces on the coldest setting and on a delicate cycle.  Cold water will prevent colors bleeding and is much less harsh on fabric than warm or hot water. It will also clean just as well.

And, as embroidery is very delicate, a delicate cycle is best to ensure no damage to the embroidery.  For extra protection you can tape a piece of plain white fabric over the embroidery. This will ensure that the threads do not unravel, pop, or snag. These tips apply if you are hand washing as well. And if you do hand wash, do not scrub the fabric, but work it very gently in your hands.

You can try spot removers if there are only a few stains and you don’t want to put the piece in the machine. But be careful to not let the spot remover get on the embroidery. Other pre-treatment options are out there that you might try. The point is to leave your embroidered pieces in the washing machine or water for the least amount of time.

With just a little extra care and time, you can keep your embroidered pieces in good shape for a long time. They are usually pieces that have special meaning and you want to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Follow these simple tips and you will do just that.


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