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Myths about Embroidery

With the great number of people that try their hand in embroidery, there are bound to be myths that are fabricated, no pun intended.

Here are some of the more common myths and the truths behind them.

The ability to sew is necessary for using an embroidery machine.

Truthfully, there isn’t much that sewing and embroidery have in common. When using an embroidery machine, it guides the fabric. Many who don’t know a thing about sewing can embroider beautifully.Embroidery Myths

When hooping, you need to stretch the fabric as tight as humanly possible and do the same with the screw.

Stretching the material too tightly can actually distort it which will later result in puckering. This effect can be exaggerated if you are using polyester thread. The tension that is created by tightening the screw is not evenly distributed throughout the hoop, making it look uneven.

Serger thread is the perfect bobbin thread for embroidery.

The quality of your bobbin thread will depend on a couple of things. These are: the weight, strength, smoothness, and whether or not they are made for embroidery.

Always use a size 90 embroidery needle.

The size of the needle you use depends on the thread you are using. If the thread is fine, then you will need a finer needle. Heavier thread needs a heavier needle.

You must use the same brand and colors listed on the sequence instructions.

This is not true. No one is going to come after you if you use a different color. However, you may wish to test and see how they look together, first.

There are so many more myths about embroidery but these are very common misconceptions.