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High School Reunion? Get the Class Together with Embroidery

High School Reunions High school reunions can be the most fun events of the year, offering you a chance to reunite with old friends and catch up with anyone that you lost touch with over the years. But a reunion can certainly be a dud if it’s just like every other reunion your classmates have ever been to! Why stick to the same old routine? This time around, give your class an embroidered keepsake to remind them of your time at school together.

People may not have had a lot of school spirit when they were in school – that’s just the way busy students are – but years later, you and your classmates will look back on your time at school fondly. An embroidered sweatshirt or blanket to keep around the house will remind you and your classmates of all the fun you had back in the day. Plus, it’ll be a great keepsake to pass on to your own kids as they begin their high school careers.

Farmstead Embroidery has a ton of great options that are perfect for a high school reunion. We can create logos that feature your mascot and school colors, or just create a pattern with a simple script with the school’s name. Whether you’re looking for clothing in the form of customized tees, sweatshirts or track jackets, or if you prefer something like a blanket or towel, we have what you’re looking for. You could also give your old classmates the option of ordering early, allowing each person to have their items customized to have their name or nickname.

Whether it’s our local Fairless Falcons’ logo or an emblem for the school reunion you’re organizing elsewhere, we’ll make apparel that will look great and bring back the best memories from your childhood. Our talented team has a large pool of college and high school logos available that we can use to customize your high school’s logo. If you’re interested in creating some embroidered memorabilia for your upcoming high school reunion, call Farmstead Embroidery today at 330-832-5152.