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Order a Varsity Letter Jacket this Christmas

Order a Varsity Letter Jacket this Christmas

Shopping for teens can be tough and with the Christmas season quickly approaching, Farmstead Embroidery is here to help. Varsity letter jackets are a great gift option for high school and college students, regardless of what sports they play. Not only will a varsity letter jacket keep your student warm this winter, it will also serve as a memorable item they will cherish for years to come.

There are a variety of patches and emblems that can be included on your child’s letterman jacket, and Farmstead Embroidery is the perfect place to have them put on. We have a variety of Tuslaw Mustang and Fairless Falcon patches available right in our shop!

varsity letter patchesLarge Letters

Placed on the front left of the varsity letter jacket, the large letters represent your school’s name. Each student’s letters should look the same, a symbol of the school’s unity across sports. School mascots are often placed on the back of the jacket with the school name and are available in a variety of styles.

Commemorative Patches

Sewn onto the sleeves of a varsity letter jacket, commemorative patches allow students to display their achievement proudly. Given out at important events and for winning a particular title, these patches serve as a reminder of the big sports events you participated in.

A Christmas gift your teenager will enjoy for years to come, we recommend ordering your varsity letter jackets before Thanksgiving. Here at Farmstead embroidery, we can customize Tuslaw and Fairless jackets to match your student’s individual activities. To place your order, stop by our Navarre, Ohio shop, contact us online or call us at 330-832-5152.

Facts About the Letterman Jacket

What has become a fixture in sports and athletics on high school and college campuses, the Letterman jacket, was first introduced in 1865 on the campus of Harvard University. Sweaters for the school’s baseball team were made with a large school letter sewn on them, indicating participation and performance level, with stripes on one sleeve… Continue Reading