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The Monogrammed Blanket: A Fall Staple

embroidered wedding throw and pillowAs the weather grows cooler and the leaves begin to fall, blankets and comforters will be unpacked to make your home a cozy haven from the cool autumn weather. With September almost here, a monogrammed blanket is the perfect gift for a fall housewarming party, baby shower or bridal shower.

Designed specifically with the recipient in mind, a monogrammed blanket is both a useful and thoughtful gift to give. Whether it is used in a crib, placed across the back of a couch or at the foot of the bed, this piece will add a one-of-a-kind touch while keeping its owner comfortable as the temperatures drop here in Ohio.

When choosing an embroidered blanket for a bridal shower or wedding gift, we recommend choosing a timeless and elegant font on a neutral fabric that can be used in any room of the new couple’s home. Consider including the spouses initials or their last name, the date of their nuptials and their wedding sentiment.

embroidered baby blanketFor baby blankets, consider whimsical colors and a sweet quote from your favorite children’s book. Here at Farmstead Embroidery, our baby blankets are completely customizable and the perfect size for your infant or baby. A gift that the child and their parents will cherish for years to come, add their name or initials and date of birth for a personalized touch.

To get started on your monogrammed blanket, contact us online or by calling 330-832-5152. Here at our Navarre, Ohio shop we are excited to help you create this sentimental gift!

Make Your Child’s Summer More Fun with Embroidery

We’ve previously discussed embroidered backpacks and towels as great options to customize gear for your children to take to school or friends’ homes as a unique and distinguishable option. Now that summer is getting into full swing, there’s a few great ways to further personalize your child’s summer with Farmstead Embroidery. If your child is… Continue Reading