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Get a Throw to Enjoy Summer Drive-In Movies

Custom Throw BlanketHot days and cool nights – soon they will be here as summer arrives in full swing! After enjoying a scorching day in the sun, spending the evening cooling down in the shade will feel so nice. Unlike the winter, evenings can be spent outside in the temperate weather. This summer, instead of staying inside to rent a movie or watch Netflix, take the family to the local drive-in and spend some quality time enjoying the summer blockbusters on the REALLY big screen!

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get at the drive-in. This antiquated way of watching movies brings audiences together in a unique way. Some may choose to watch the movie from the car or truck bed, while others might sit in the grass. As the sun fades and the stars come out, it is not unusual to feel a little chill – which is why you need a nice, cozy throw blanket to keep you warm.

If you go to the drive-in movies in a group, it is easy for the blankets to get tangled and misplaced before the evening is over. Make your drive-in movie blanket one-of-a-kind with personalized embroidery featuring your name or initials. Use your customized throw as a picnic blanket to cover the grass or wrap up in it in your truck bed as you enjoy the movie. Mixing your modern, personalized throw blanket with the entertainment of going to the drive-in is the perfect combination of summer fun.

Farmstead Embroidery is ready to help you prepare for your summer drive-in experience with a wide array of custom throw blanket options to choose from. Select your color and personalization to make this blanket something truly special. Every throw blanket is given tender, love and care and made to suit your exact specifications. To learn more or to order your custom throw, call Farmstead Embroidery at 330-832-5152 today or stop in and see us on Poorman Street in Navarre.

Wedding Throws: The Ideal Gift

When shopping for a wedding gift, you can often find yourself a bit confused. The conventional gifts – dining ware like glasses, china, flatware, mugs, candle holders, tea sets etc. – sometimes seem ordinary and impersonal. And especially if you know the wedding couple well, you may want to find something more unique, something that… Continue Reading