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How to Fundraise Using Your Embroidered Logo

embroidered logo

Fundraising is an art form in itself. It requires creativity, ingenuity, and planning. You want to make the most of your “moment” and raise as much as you can, and using your imagination is really the best way to go.

Using your branding or logo is the best way to make your point. And with embroidery, you can be even more creative. Embroidering your logo on a piece of fabric, napkin or handkerchief, not only represents your brand but also shows what your company is capable of. And you can give these pieces of fabric out to potential donors as tokens and reminders.

Fundraisers need to be about more than just the money or they will fail. They must be packed with fun and interest, and your potential donors need to feel like more than just a billfold. Appreciation for just showing up needs to be conveyed in a very real way with food and drink, perhaps entertainment, and other ways to hold people’s attention and keep it focused on your brand. Repetition is important as you make your logo a focal point, and embroidering it is sheer genius.

If your company uses specific colors in its logo, you can depart from its traditional look and use all the colors of the rainbow. Vary the colors and display the fabrics, napkins, and handkerchiefs, allowing your donors to choose their favorite combination of colors, something that could perhaps be displayed in their homes, or be used for something more utilitarian. You could make handkerchiefs for the male donors and dinner napkins for the female donors. The point is to do something different and appealing – something that will stick in your guests’ minds and be remembered.

Using an embroidered logo in your fundraising efforts is a beautiful and memorable way to engage potential donors. Doing something a little bit out of the box is always inventive and easily remembered. Your creativity will shine and you will have made an impact on the very people you wish to impress.

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