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Make Your Child’s Summer More Fun with Embroidery

We’ve previously discussed embroidered backpacks and towels as great options to customize gear for your children to take to school or friends’ homes as a unique and distinguishable option. Now that summer is getting into full swing, there’s a few great ways to further personalize your child’s summer with Farmstead Embroidery.

Embroidered HatsIf your child is part of a summer league team, like a local baseball or soccer club, organizing custom embroidered T-shirts or polos can bring the team further together. You could embroider the team’s name, logo and/or individual team members’ names on each shirt. Whether the clothes are as a jersey or just as a keepsake of a summer or sports memories, embroidered shirts are a fun option.

Perhaps your son or daughter is planning on attending a summer camp this year. If they’ve already got a monogrammed backpack, fill it up with a few tees with their name on them. Besides being a comfortable option for them to wear, embroidered shirts offer two extra advantages. First, they’ll never have a question about whose shirt it is, plus, with their name on the front, they’ll be more approachable to prospective new friends at camp.

Another great choice is personalized can coozies. Whether it’s a simple design, a name or a more involved logo to commemorate a summer birthday, big family party or a favorite team, a unique coozie is a handy summer must-have. Your child can keep their soda cold at the beach or by an evening bonfire with one of these convenient holders. Plus, coozies are a handy choice for adults as well! Keep your drinks cold in the summer sun and look good while doing it with an embroidered design.

For more information or even more ideas on great summer choices, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you find a great way to make your family’s summer even better!

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