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Embroidered Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

Tuslaw Mustangs winter jacket and hatIt is hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away! While most of us aren’t ready to start decorating yet, it is always nice to get a head start on holiday shopping, avoiding the December rush. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be difficult, and here at Farmstead Embroidery we are all about personalization!

Embroidered gifts are highly customizable, making them perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. Whether you are shopping for children or adults, there are many options to choose from with Farmstead Embroidery. Some of our favorite ideas include sports related clothing and cozy embroidered blankets.

Sports and School Spirit

A great gift for parents and grandkids who like to cheer on their children in the stands, as well as for the children playing, customized school spirit wear is a great gift for family members of all ages. From winter gear like hats, jackets and scarves to accessories like socks and duffel bags that can be used year-round, we have a wide array of items available for Tuslaw Mustangs and Fairless Falcons.

Embroidered Blankets

For individuals looking for a gift that is both attractive and serves a purpose, we recommend an embroidered blanket. The perfect gift for a family with a new baby or a couple who has just said “I do,” this monogrammed item will bring a smile to your loved ones faces and provide them with warmth throughout the winter months. Placed on the couch or in a baby’s crib, this gift will see plenty of use as the snow begins to fall across Ohio.

Christmas-Themed Gifts

Especially for families with young children, personalized Christmas decorations made the perfect early present! From stockings to towels and children’s pajamas, there are so many items to choose from that will get your whole family in the holiday spirit.

Get started on your Christmas shopping early with Farmstead Embroidery! Contact us online or by phone at 330-832-5152 to go over your ideas with us, or visit us at 12485 Poorman St. S.W. in Navarre, Ohio. We can’t wait to help you make the season special!