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Now is the Time to Buy Personalized Wedding Gifts!

Summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes many weddings and parties.

You probably already have the invitations, so why wait to get the gifts? You can check out their wedding registry, but you can also choose something for them that is unique and that they will not forget! There are plenty of personalized options to choose from.

Spring is the best time to do shopping for weddings so that you can take your time to plan out your gift and make it special, plus with the extra time in advance, you won’t have to worry about shipping schedules. Then, you can go enjoy the outdoors!

For the wedding couple, a beautiful embroidered blanket will make a warming addition their new home. This is something that can be used year round, and will remind them of their special day and the love they felt on that day. You can even personalize it with their names and wedding date. To take it a step further, you can customize it with the colors they will be using in their wedding.

Embroidered Bridal GiftsIf you are on the other side and actually the bride and groom getting married, right now is the perfect time figure out those bridal party favors.

You want to give them the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate them being in your wedding. Why not do it with a personalized shirt or maybe even a hoodie? You can even label them with “maid of honor” or “groomsmen” to add an extra personal touch. The possibilities are endless, but now is definitely the time to buy them because before you know it, things will get busy with wedding preparations!

If you have questions about personalized embroidery gifts, give Farmstead Embroidery a call!

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